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Guest Comments

Date : April 19, 2012
Name : Henny
Country : UK
Comment : Prior to arriving in India we had planned to use trains and buses as our transport around Rajasthan. However we met Jamil on our first day who sold us the idea of taking a private car. We cringed a bit at the expense to begin with but on reflection it was worth every penny.The luxury of a private chauffeur!! We saw and experienced more of India this way. We could stop when and where we wanted on our route and were given local knowledge to towns and sites. Our driver Shankar, also was very entertaining. We had a great time.

Date : April 06, 2012
Name : Alex
Country : United Kingdom
Comment : A good friend of ours told us that a trip to Rajasthan would not be worthwhile without taking a tour with Jamil. It turned out to be sound advice as Jamil and Jinky showed us more of India than we could have dreamed of in the space of 2 weeks.

We had limited knowledge of the area and only had a very rough plan so we left Jamil in charge of our itinerary. With Jamil’s help and guidance we were able to so much into a short space of time. We explored: Agra, Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, and Udaipur, all of which were magnificent in their own way. However, we didn’t feel like tourists along the way we felt much more involved with the places we were seeing as we were being shown around by a local and a friend. Jamil was able to show us parts of the country that guidebooks don’t even know about, like places and foods he learnt from his childhood.

Jamil is a very well connected guy and was able to help us with everything along the way. bus, plane and train tickets, accommodation advice on where and what to buy. To give you an example I was listening to a local man playing music across the river from the our hotel and was about to buy his CD for 500 rupees when I got a phone call from Jamil across the river who told me that the right price was only 150 rupees. The musician and I laughed together and he agreed that 500 rupees was the tourist price. This is just one example of the thoughtfulness of Jamil.
We highly recommend anybody travelling Rajasthan to do it with Jamil!

Date : February 16, 2012
Name : Duncan and Jean Kelly
Country : UK
Comment : We were very lucky that we found Jamil as a tour guide. He is entirely reliable and straightforward and appreciates the importance of good service to build a reputation. His prices seem very reasonable, especially for the quality of his guiding work. 

We had a memorable trip to Kumbhalgarh Fort and Jamil also arranged for us to have a very knowledgeable Forest Guide to make the hike to Ranakpur Temple, where were met. Jamil has a wide network of contacts in other cities - great if you are planning your trip and want to know that someone you can trust will be there to meet you or take you about.

Date : February 14, 2012
Name : Claire
Country : New Zealand
Comment: Jamil is a very honest, professional guide. He was very friendly and knowledgable about Rajasthan and always made the extra effort to ensure a good time. I recommend Jamil to everyone!
Date : February 03, 2012
Name : Emma Lehmann
Country : Australia
Comment : Couldn't ask for a more helpful, enthusiastic and charismatic guide through Udaipur! I would recommend Rajasthan Car Services for anyone who is looking for trustworthy, knowledgeable people to show them around. Thanks especially to Jamil.
Date : February 01, 2012
Name : Rene
Country : Austria
Comment :If you want to experience Rajasthan in a friendly and well organized atmosphere then book at Rajasthan Car Services. It's the most convenient ("gmiadliche") Way to experience this huge State.

Date : February 01, 2012
Name : Rene R.
Country : Austria
Comment :If you are looking for a reliable and friendly tourguide then I would recommend you to book at Rajasthan Car Services.

Gmiadlicher gehts echt nimma leidln - glaubts mas. 

lg Rene

Date : January 27, 2012
Name : Isabel Walker
Country : New Zealand
Comment : I have used the services of this company on 2 trips to India and have no hesitation in recomending them to any travellers. They are honest, reliable and friendly. If you are lucky you will get a glimse of the real India as well as the tourist high lights

Date : January 24, 2012
Name : Tom Witner
Country : Austria
Comment : Thanks to the best tour guide at Rajasthan. Very trustful, helpful, honest. Feel most comfortable and enjoy perfect service.

Der beste Tourguide in Rajasthan, sehr hilfreich, ehrlich, fair, vertrauenswuerdig. Bestes Service um den Aufenthalt in vollen Zuegen geniessen zu koennen.

Date : December 21, 2011
Name : Pablo Aragone
Country : Argentina
Comment : jamil fue una excelente persona desde el principio. apenas lo conocimos fue honesto y muy predispuesto a ayudarnos en todo lo que necesitaos. muy recomendable! saludos!
Date : December 04, 2011
Name : Ceslie Rossi
Country : United States
Comment : I booked a 16 day tour with Rajasthan Car Services and have nothing but glowing, positive things to say about the experience. I went all over Rajasthan, my friend joined and after she heard about where I'd been, we cancelled our trip to Varanasi and I did Rajasthan all over again!!!! It was amazing. We were taken care of beautifully by extremely knowledgable and safe drivers who know the region, are well connected, speak fluent English, have charming personalities....I could seriously go on and on. Please contact me if you have any questions about using this service. I recommend it highly for a safe, enjoyable trip of a lifetime!!!!!
Date : November 24, 2011
Name : Ruth
Country : Austria
Comment :I booked a 12-day Rajasthan tour and it was great! Our driver showed us so all these interesting places and safely drove us from one sight to the next!! The organisation and the hotels were great and I can imagine to benefit from the services a second time if I get back to India!!! I highly recommend his services to everyone!!
Date : November 16, 2011
Name : Ceslie Rossi
Country : USA
Comment : I've recently spent one month touring Rajasthan with this service and have only good things to say.
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